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CTCF2 works in streamline with global standards to achieve efficacy in its services.

Customized clinical trials

CTCF2 is flexible in tailoring its efforts to any specific request from sponsors which are in line with standard operating procedure (SOP). Additionally, it has well-established network with partnering institutes for quality services beyond the clinical trials.

Data management

CTCF2 is committed to keeping the confidentiality of the document and managing the data in accordance with the ICH Good Clinical Practice (GCP) standards. Also, CTCF2 has adopted the e-CRF (electronic case report form) to improve the quality of research data.


CTCF2 management treats each clinical trial with a high level of professionalism and confidentiality. Management team ensures smooth trial processes with high efficacy and accuracy of data. Also, clinical trial project manager has close rapport with sponsors and assures data efficacy. CTCF2 management adapts to the requirement of clients and works according to the standard operating procedure (SOP). To ensure the quality of the trial, data is externally audited at regular intervals.


Regulatory aspect

CTCF2 offers to prepare the clinical trial documentation to Korean regulatory authorities. Additionally, we provide auditing services of the documentation of the clinical trial and submits it to the relevant authorities for further process. Moreover, it coordinates with the sponsors during domestic patent and patent cooperation treaty (PCT) applications.


CTCF2 gets the certified translations of clinical trial documents from Korean to English.