CTCF2 has the vision to acquire global reputation and recognition in clinical trials for functional food

Clinical advantage

Over the years, CTCF2 has emerged as a leading, full-service professional clinical center offering one-stop clinical trial solutions for functional foods. CTCF2 service includes,

  • Pre-clinical assessment: Assists in conducting pre-clinical assessment of functional foods through its network organization. CTCF2has collaborated with reputed institutes to give highest quality of research and services.
  • Customized clinical trial: CTCF2 offers best professional team in Republic of Korea. The team includes professional medical practitioners, health care workers and highly qualified researchers and has earned the respect of investigators and coordinators alike.
  • Project management: CTCF2 management team handles each clinical trial with a high level of professionalism and confidentiality. To ensure the quality and success of the clinical trials,CTCF2 management is in close relationship with the sponsor’s project manager.
  • Contract research services: Apart from the clinical trials, CTCF2 ensures quality in all the aspects of the trials from protocol development, regulatory affairs, data management, medical statistics and scientific publication process.
  • Infrastructure, experience and knowledge: CTCF2 is a 60-bed unit located at Jeonbuk National University Hospital. It enjoys the service of highly experienced medical practitioners and management professionals across all the departments. Since its inception, CTCF2 has successfully completed more than 160 national and municipal clinical trials and has acquired approvals for several functional foods.